Staging Information

This information is for parade entries and includes where entries will be staged before the parade. All entries will go back to their staging street after finishing the parade route.

Parade entry staging takes place in Armory Park Neighborhood. Please be respectful to those who live in the area.

Staging streets are 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th Streets from 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue on the north and south side of each street.

Please acquaint yourself with the area to assist with staging the day of the parade. Entries begin to stage at 3:30 PM. If you are not in your staging area by 6:00 PM, you will not be able to participate in the parade.

All entries must keep the area clean and free of trash and debris. Staging areas are in Armory Park Neighborhood – keep the area clean, and be respectful to those around you. 

Entries cannot park vehicles that are not in the parade in the neighborhood. All non-parade vehicles must be parked outside of the parade route.

Parking can be found everywhere downtown, visit Park Tucson for a list and map of locations, or download the downtown parking map.

Thank you to our Staging Sponsors including Tucson Hispanic Chamber, Tucson Metro Chamber, Truly Nolen, Desert Husky HVAC, and Afni!