Parade Rules, Terms & Conditions

In order to maintain and enhance the quality of the parade and to ensure the safety of the participants and spectators, the Committee requires the following rules, terms, and conditions to be followed. 

1. All entries shall reflect good taste. 

2. No political statements, inappropriate behaviors, disruption of the event, violation of the parade rules, or disregard of parade marshals will be accepted. 

3. Float maximum height allowed is 13.5 feet. 

4. Weapons, fireworks, or any item that makes loud or sudden noises are not permitted. 

5. For safety reasons, throwing candy or giveaway items from your float, vehicle, or walking group is not permitted. 

6. Use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is strictly prohibited. Reference, inference, or promotion of the use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is not permitted. 

7. Unauthorized solicitation of any kind if not permitted. 

8. Children (up to age 18) involved in the parade must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. 

9. Due to liability, horses are not allowed in the parade. 

10. Drivers are expected to drive slowly and obey all laws. All drivers must be 18+ years of age and hold a valid Arizona driver’s license.

11. Any pets in the parade must be on a leash or properly secured on a float or vehicle to avoid injury. 

12. All parade entries must keep their staging area clean and maintained. Staging areas are in a neighborhood – be respectful to those who live in the area. No alcohol is allowed in staging areas or on parade entries.

13. Political signage or inference is not allowed. 

14. Entries consent to their photograph being taken by Parade of Lights and possibly being used in future marketing.

15. Entries agree to pay parade fees before being accepted into the parade and understand there are no refunds issued.

16. Proof of insurance for each vehicle in the parade must be sent to Downtown Parade of Lights.

17. No stunts are allowed during the parade. For example, stopping to skateboard off of ramps, revving vehicles/off-road vehicles, or other performances that create stalls or dangerous situations during the parade.

18. Entries understand and agree that Parade Staff and Volunteers may remove any entry if found in violation of any of these rules or any other dangerous situation as deemed by Parade Staff and Volunteers.

19. All bicyclists must wear a helmet.

20. All parade participants must review the Parade Entry Guide.

Terms & Conditions

All entries will be reviewed by the Parade of Lights Committee for appropriateness and compliance with the parade and its rules as stated above. The Committee reserves the right to reject any entry due to safety factors or failure to comply with the parade rules.

Entry participants or sponsoring organizations agree to waive liability and hold harmless the Parade of Lights (Downtown Development Corporation), a nonprofit 501 (c)3 organization, and its members and/or sponsors for any damage or injury, including death to participants and/or animals, and/or damage to any float or vehicle.

By clicking the “Agree” and “Submit” button, it is acknowledged that the rules, terms, and conditions have been reviewed as contained on this site, and the liability waiver is acceptable.